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Top tech usage ranking – Sweden beats U.S

Saturday, February 13, 2010

United states dropped down one place from the top tech usage ranking. Then the question comes,  who the top rated one is? That is none other than Sweden. Sweden is toped the rating list by beating up U.S in the usage of telecommunication technologies like cell phones, networks, computer usage and gadgets.

In the last year’s survey Sweden is placed second next to U.S, rated the top.
This report is announced this Thursday.

"Sweden not only has the best current mix of attributes, but it also shows few signs of losing its lead," said Waverman.

Ratings for top 10 "Innovation Driven Economies" measured in the study, from scale 1-10 are as follows :
1. Sweden 7.95
2 .United States 7.77
3 .Norway 7.74
4 .Denmark 7.54
5 .Netherlands 7.52
6 .Finland 7.26
7 .Australia 7.04
8 .United Kingdom 7.03
9 .Canada 7.02
10. Japan 6.73


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