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Google Buzz – A new social network launched by Google

Google Buzz – A new social network launched by Google

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After the popular social networks like facebook and twitter doing well in the web content and picture sharing . It’s now Google’s step into the social network, which is called Google Buzz. This is launched yesterday. Google has just started rolling out his new social network. Its is said to be rolled out in few weeks.

Google Buzz is integrated with Gmail, hence all the Gmail account holders can access this easily for sharing their interests, pictures, mails and some more with this new social network option. If you have friends contact list in Gmail; you can get in touch with them easily and share your thoughts. It also has options to import all the contacts from facebook and twitter.

Google Buzz will be having all the missing features of facebook and twitter.Google also launched mobile phone applications to use Buzz in Apple's iPhone and in smartphones powered by its own Android OS.

As this is not a new idea or initiative work by Google. There are quite a lot of social networks available already. But it is a very special and must watchable one, because Google is the name behind this and they are capable of giving out their products as their best with lot more new features.

Did you check you Gmail account for Google Buzz?  How it looks ?


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