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Monday, March 1, 2010

Google has added a new feather in his crown. Yes ! the searh giant has buy the online photo editing site – “ Picnik”. A photo editing utility, which allow users to edit their photos online.

Picnik has large number of users with lot more features for photo editing . Picnik works with a variety of web services, including Google's competitors,Yahoo Mail users. Which creates a ease for users to edit their photos when they are online. 

Picnik also provides similar facilities with other popular social-networks like  Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums, and Photobucket.

Google product management director Brian Axe said  "We're not announcing any significant changes to Picnik today, though we'll be working hard on integration and new features. As well, we'd like to continue supporting all existing Picnik partners so that users will continue to be able to add their photos from other photo-sharing sites, make edits in the cloud and then save and share to all relevant networks,"

This is gonna be a new experience for Google users.


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