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Sanyo’s Latest Gadget : Xacti HD Camcorders with 14 MP and 2 TB storage capacity

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sanyo, a  Japanese company has made a release of  new range of Dual Xacti cameras.the features they are came out with is really great ! These models of Xacti camcorders is the best choose and buy for all of them,who are looking for options like high-definition video and photo capability in their cameras with maximum storage.

The real ease about these camcorders is, it is very much easy to use and handle. These new range of products are named as VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, VPC-CG20. These cameras will shoot widescreen 1080i AVCHD (H.264) video. These models are capable of shooting 14.4MP stills and feature a “double-range zoom” that can extend to 5X zoom and can even switchover to 12X zoom.

The shipping of these products will be started from this month. The GH2 and CG102 will be sold for $229, while the CG20 will be available for $199.
Read the full features here : sanyo-xacti-hd-camcorders features


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