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Friday, November 20, 2009

Many of us  have  been using the light weight  Google Chrome browser .Same technology transformed to a lightweight, browser-based operating system for net books.

Google Inc. reveals new details about its upcoming operating system. Google targeting for their OS release by late 2010. System boot time targeted for  7 seconds.They are calling it as  Google Chrome OS . 
"We want Google Chrome OS to be blazingly fast ... to boot up really fast , just like a TV," said Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management for Google.

The next question ??? that  strikes in my mind is 

“ Will this Chrome OS be available as a freeware?”

But Google says no to this question. Pichai said, “It will not be available as a download to run and install but instead Google Chrome OS can only be shipped.” Chrome OS netbooks will not have be available with traditional hard disk drives -- they will rely on non-volatile flash memory and Internet-based storage for saving all of your data.

But later on Jul 8 2009 , Google says, Google is releasing a lightweight, open-source PC-operating system later this year.

Its really going to be an interesting moment to watch out this technical talented war between chrome OS (Google)and windows 7 (microsoft)


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